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Why join?

espresso FICTION offers a unique service for busy fiction lovers: a short story each week delivered direct to them by email. You can share in the benefits of this exciting new service by joining our affiliate program.

How will I earn commissions?

You earn a commission every time you send a visitor our way (using your own allocated affiliate code) and they become an espresso FICTION member. You also earn a commission when you recruit affiliates and they make sales. If you’re not familiar with this kind of commission structure it’s called a 2 tier affiliate program. Tier 1 applies to customers that you directly send to us. Tier 2 kicks in when you recruit an affiliate on our behalf and they send customers our way. How much? Read on to find out.

Tier 1

We will pay you $4 per month for every person you refer to us that purchases a Double Shot membership and $2 per month for visitors that become Single Shot members. (What is the difference between a Double Shot and Single Shot membership? Click here to learn more.)

Tier 2

We reward you for sales that any affiliates you recruit to our program make. We will pay you $1 per month for every Double Shot customer that is referred by affiliates you recruit.

What makes our Affiliate Program worth joining?

  • We pay you a commission EVERY month – for as long as the customers you send keep up their subscription you get to share in the benefit.
  • Sign-up is fully automated making it quick and easy to join;
  • You can make changes to your own account through the affiliate resource area.
  • We make it easy to promote our service by providing a full range of marketing material – banners, hover ads, text links, letters, ezine ads, articles, an interview and product review – that you can easily and quickly incorporate into your site or ezine.
  • Access real-time statistics so you can see how many visitors you’ve sent our way and how many sales you’ve made any time you want.
  • Comprehensive long term tracking – whether a visitor you refer signs up today, next year or in 3 years time, you still get your commission.
  • We email you every time a sale is made.

How do I participate?

Click here to join now. The signup process takes only a few minutes. We’ll then send you an email with full details on how to get started.




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